What a game to get our teeth into.

It was ninety minutes which could yield hours of discussion. All over the pitch Liverpool and Manchester City locked horns with The Reds finding a way to win by three goals to nil. What were the key differences between the two sides? What did either manager look to achieve with their selections?

Pep Guardiola found himself compromising. Will he be happy with the outcome in terms of how his team played beyond the scoreline? Liverpool kept finding a way first half and kept City at bay in the second. What did they do very well across the course of the game?

There is also a look ahead to next week’s game as well discussing what Liverpool will need to ensure they have to progress from here.

This one isn’t over but this Review covers all the key points from the game. Hosted by Neil Atkinson and with Dan Morgan and Paul Cope this is our long look at a game which will live even longer in Liverpudlian memory.

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