Liverpool 3 AFC Bournemouth 0: The Post Match Show

Liverpool cruised to a 3-0 win over Bournemouth on a lovely Saturday evening in Liverpool. The Reds were excellent and untroubled across the park.

Who stood out? Why were Liverpool more direct? And what is the limit for this side?

It was Mo Salah’s 40th goal of the season and the 300th under Klopp. All of Liverpool’s front three bagged. What an attack Liverpool have.

With Neil Atkinson we have Dan Morgan, Ian Ryan and Philippa Smallwood.

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  1. Jimmy Corkhill

    Fucking chip barms on Ian Ryan. Wouldn’t fancy a headlock off him.

  2. Spot on from Philippa, salah was snatching at chances today and making the wrong decisions. His goal was incredible though.

    I’d like to hear the Wrap’s view on what Karius needs to do in order to secure the No.1 spot next year. He’s been terrific since he’s come in, and at what point do we say £60million in the summer on GK, would be better spent on a centre back or a wide forward? I guess the Roma semi finals will go a long way to answering that, as we’ll get a close up view of Allison.

  3. Salahs goal like kenny’s for Scotland against wales in the World Cup qualifier at Anfield.

  4. Troutbeck_Red

    Bournemouth looked like a team playing a team that had just mentally pulverised a Man City team that could score 100 premier league points. Bournemouth don’t park the bus so they have to go toe to toe. Man City had a go at that and lost 3 times this calendar year conceding 9 goals in the process. They could have been 3 down inside the first 10 and looking back at the game they could have shipped 6 or 7. Anfield is a difficult place to go and Liverpool are a difficult team to play. Bournemouth are not a bad team, it’s just that Liverpool are an awesome team that have a back five that don’t concede often and a front 3 that bag lots of goals, each of them different, and a midfield that never stop. Add that to an inspirational manager and fanatic fan base and it’s a lot to overcome. Yes, Bournemouth looked beat before the game started, but is it such a surprise?

  5. keep them fresh and the lactic acid in their legs to burn off after the last ten days, a weeks recovery, training, coaching, analysis and all that’s goes on behind closed doors. west brom next..then azzuri

  6. FelixKrull

    Mane’s been killing it lately.

    Re: Henderson. Once you turn your heart against somebody, you’re prejudiced. You seek out negatives & magnify them. It happens the same in actual bigotry. I heard negative reviews of his performance yesterday as well. Objectively wrong. Quite apart from whether he’s good enough in the long run, etc, his haters can’t even give him a one off pat on the back. A second factor is that he’s expected to be Makelele & Gerrard at once, a one-man double pivot. Oh well!

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