Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1: The Review

A defeat to get stuck into. Liverpool found themselves all at sea against Manchester United, rallied and only made it 2-1.

What went wrong during the game, both early on or throughout? What could Liverpool do differently? Who played OK across the 90 minutes?

Neil Atkinson hosts with Paul Cope and Sean Rogers.

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  1. Tipmeister

    Regarding pawson you guys didn’t deal with him correctly. You said he was making bad decisions and is a crap referee, but he wasn’t making bad decisions against United, every time a United player was touched he was awarding them free kicks, could’ve booked Rashford many times not just the Trent incident, jumping into crowd, kicking the ball away, Valencia kung fu kick was a red. Ashley Young was man handling Salah every time kicking, pushing, pulling and Salah got no protection. What I wanted to hear from you is Pawson is a corrupt referee along with Anthony Taylor both of whom hate Liverpool just like thier hero Howard Webb. As long as corrupt Referees exist in EPL we will find it impossible to win the title unless we are perfect like Man City.

    • i’ll be honest with you – I thought the handball was the most blatant. 10 metres away, clearly hit a hand that could have been moved clear. Those get given 9 out of 10 or more.

  2. Tipmeister

    Sorry I added comment to the wrong page should be on the free podcast

  3. Jonathan Husband

    Theraputic lads!!
    I just wanted to pick up on something Paul said.
    Lovren did have a decent game after his first twenty.
    But we were two nil down after his first twenty.
    The game had gone by then, directly because of his first twenty.
    Not the first time he has had a really bad opening to a game either. City away, Spurs away, and now this one.
    I call it a Degsy twenty….
    To me it seems he is obsessed with the opposition player when he should only be obsessed with the ball.
    If he concentrated on the ball for the first goal then I am sure he wins the header against Lukaku but because he is obsessed with “Having the battle” he doesn’t even jump.
    So poor.
    I could not understand it, he is in the perfect position to just go and jump and head it away but because he’s obsessed with Lukaku he doesnt.
    I think its a mental weakness.
    Kane got into his head, and now Lukaku has done the same.
    I also think he should stop giving interviews before big games telling us how he’s changed!!!
    What’s our record when he gives an interview prior to the match?
    He has become the first player I analyse on the pitch for us, because you can work out if he is going to have a “degsy twenty” by his first few touches/interactions.
    So I suppose my question is : if you have a woeful twenty, then a solid 70 but that woeful twenty means you lose the game then you cant have played well?
    Same applies to Trent. Imo.
    Thanks to all the contributors though … good show.

    • Jonathan, I agree with some of what you are saying, but saying we lost the game in the first 20 mins I don’t agree with. We lost the game in midfield on Saturday. I know we conceded 2 poor goals from a defensive standpoint, but you’ve got to show more as a midfielder in that team. Not 1 of the midfield 3 put in a tackle of note, or played a piercing forward pass, or even made a run beyond our front players, not one. We have decent midfielders, but with 62% possession you expect the CM’s to maybe break into the box once or twice with a late run, or be a little bit more of a threat in an attacking sense. we played right in front of the United rearguard. I know its difficult with 2 banks of 4 and 5 in front of you, but you have to move to create the spaces.

      I feel that Klopp got the selection wrong. I know the Ox has played well in recent weeks, but that right side is a little bit suspect in my view, especially when Lovren is playing as the Right sided centre back. The mini triangle of TAA, the Ox and Lovren were exposed badly and they were torn to ribbons down that right. It’s not the first time its happened either – maybe against a team that do not have the threat of pacey forwards/wingers (Newcastle as an example) is good enough, but to challenge for honours you need to be able to make those decisions and play the man/men you’re against…Perhaps both Hendo and Gomes should have started on Saturday. We all know Rashford is a threat, perhaps it was a little bit Naive to play a young lad against him now, his time will come as he matures – he had a horrid time, and hopefully it wont have a lasting effect on him as he;s a great prospect.

      On another note, your Captain if fit, he’s played really well in the last two games and has been both the enforcer AND he’s been spreading the play really well (haven’t seen that from him before) – and he’s on the bench. Its a mixture of concentration and ability… the simple stuff, e.g tracking runners, passing players on, taking too many touches on the ball, running with the ball in the centre of the park when a pass would cover the ground quicker…decision making – here is where the problem lies, we make far too many ‘wrong’ decisions in key areas!

      These are all minor issues that can be worked on, but I do feel that we are short of quality in that central area over the other area’s. I think Karius is improving game on game and he’s made big saves. Keita will definitely strengthen that midfield, but we need another in there too. We are good yes, but not enough to win anything at the moment in my view, we crumble under pressure due to the lack of leadership!

      Up the reds.

  4. need to get over this thing that Lovren was 100% to blame. Neil referenced it on the main show – its simply allowed that occasionally a 90m quid striker wins a duel…it happens. Its what happened after that that cost us.

    We need to stop looking to blame the easy target here.

  5. FelixKrull

    Press well, play well for this Liverpool side. Mourinho happily set his team out to largely bypass any possibility of that. We can counter, we can run, but we can’t particularly craft, despite it being a bit better than last season. The defensive flip side of this is our inability to control a game with possession.

    It is a bit unfair to criticize the subs. They either work or they don’t. As long as they have ambition & a plan behind them, they’re justifiable. Both fullbacks came off & Lallana, who theoretically is better in small spaces, was brought on early. It’s guesswork, so criticizing them too much is guesswork as well.

    Too much of the build-up play fell to Mane. It’s not his real strength. Keita will help us here & I agree Henderson could have. The players, or rather the positions/characteristics of the players we get linked with make sense. It felt like we lacked an option or two here.

    I’m not too downhearted, but this was a reality check. We got done tactically & for quality. The direction is right, but god isn’t it achingly slow…

  6. UNITED LOST TO SEVILLA! LOL! Fucking useless Mugs the lot of them and Jose to boot.

    And yes the Ref made some excellent decisions against the Mancs this time.

    So ffs please let’s keep our heads on and enough with all our criticisms, analysis and predictions, BS of the last game until the season ends. Our team and JK don’t deserve this.

    TAW if you don’t mind, please do a postmortem of the United-Sevilla game, just to give everyone something laugh about even more. :)

    Go Go Man United and fuck yourself!

  7. On the Mata chance, Lovren and Can end up standing side-by-side, clearly one of them was meant to guard the space Mata drifts into. From Lovren’s body language it seemed he at least thought it was Can’s position to drop into.

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