1. Titus_Red

    Missing Coutinho? Are you for real?
    I remember loads of big games where we faced adversity with Coutinho and his response left a lot to be desired.
    He probably should have blammed it into the sky five times.
    You gotta stop with the Coutinho stuff. Stats back up we do at least as well or even much better without him.
    Retreating to this narrative when we lose a game after two months is just weak.
    Get it together, lads. It was a game of fine margins today and it one or two decisions go our way which it should have been, you’d sing a much different tune now.

    • We literally made those points about the fine margins.

    • I took the coutinho comments to be about the fact we have nothing on our bench to scare an oppisition or change a game. I see signs of progress. But its slow. Very slow. Klopp wants his perfect squad – and i just want to win the league asap! But we have a manager and a team to believe in and enjoy watching and we are on the up! YNWA!

  2. SpudChester

    So, they targeted TAA maybe because Rashford knew how to play him from England games. Why didn’t we put Salah on Valencia?

    • Salah has been playing on the right all season with Mane on the left. Doesn’t make sense to swap them. Plus, Valencia is far more experienced than TAA for it to be as easy as “put Salah on Valencia”. Today highlighted how TAA is a midfielder-turned-defender.

  3. So… if we miss top 4 will you feel this was a ‘free-hit’? … just suck it up?

    If we’re a team on the up why are we getting no points in every big away game?? … 1 point from our four top rivals …. that’s shite. We drop points when you expect it … nearly every time. Watch us drop points away to the bitters and chavs … and possibly still miss top 4. Both got draws at Anfield … why? Because when pressure in the league gets ramped up we no longer play naturally … Utd were average today and beat us … but we’re on the up???? yeah, ok …

    • Yep, we’re on the up.

    • You having a laugh mate?? We’ve lost 4 games all season and only have 8 left! You must have loads of fun you watching a side that’s scored over 100 goals this season. Turn it in for fuck sake and support the lads! We had hard lines with the officals again today and didn’t play great, it happens!

  4. frustrating defeat to that horrible lot, cant say much more as still annoyed about it. Hope Sevilla do them Tuesday.

  5. Ringledongle

    I ain’t too stressed about the game. For all the talk of a Mourinho masterclass I find comfort in the fact the mighty Manchester United have to sink to the most basic and desperate football tactics at home and throughout the season on a regular basis.

    They are a more effective side than us the sheer amount of money they have spent in the last 2 or 3 years that should be a given. We can catch them though by klopp sticking to a singular vision and buying the right players for it. Yesterday was gutting but there’s no horror in being beat by a good side on their turf they play turgid but they’re good at it.

    Onwards and upwards, can’t wait for Keita to come.

  6. I don’t think this game was all that close. Utd were comfortable.
    We need the midfield to step up, or better yet a proper holding mid. The current lot are all decent and have the odd great game. But can’t be relied upon. They don’t do enough at either end of the pitch.
    Agree there’s progress but getting top 4 is pretty crucial to kicking on in the summer. That feels on a knife edge at the moment. Chelsea probably joining spurs in getting knocked out of Europe this week and we have to go to theirs with a poor record away against our rivals. Think it will be a pretty tense couple of months.

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