Liverpool 5 Watford 0: The Review

Liverpool bounced by from defeat at Old Trafford in style at the weekend with victory over Watford by five goals to nil.

Joining Neil Atkinson to pick through the finer details of the performance are Sean Rogers and Paul Cope.


  1. The major difference between this Klopp side and the one from the Rodgers in terms of the mantra “wanting more and more goals” is that the 13/14 side had a lot of 3-2 and 4-3 results.
    This current side is much more stable in defence and produce 5-0, 7-0 , 4-1 results regularly.

    Whoever procalimed in the past that Klopp doesnt know anything about defending needs to eat a lot of humble pie now. This team is very close to a 90+ points a season contender.

    • I think the people who threw around the defence issues obviously missed Klopp develop quite possibly one of the best defenders on the planet in Mats Hummels, not to mention Subotic etc

      • Titus_Red

        In his two title-winning seasons at Dortmund, the team only conceded 22 and then 25, both over 34 games a season.
        I think we still need an upgrade on Lovren and Matip though to really kick on and go for the title.

  2. Koolhand21

    First 9 League games (Tottenham loss) conceded 16 goals, a 1.77 goals per game or 65 goals for full 38 game season.
    For last 22 games we conceded 18 goals, a 0.8 goals per game or 31 goals over a 38 game season.
    How long until the ‘fragile Liverpool defense’ narrative changes? After we beat ManCty in quarter final? Next season? Never?

    • 12 of those 16 were in 3 games – Watford, City and Spurs. Take them out, just for the sake of it and that you could stretch it to early season niggles in set up and the kind of headfuck games most sides get at least once, its 22 goals in 28 games.

      That’s 30 for the season. And a decent set of evidence over 28 games too.

  3. Andrew Williams

    The problem with all these eulogistic podcasts week after week is – if we are really so marvellous – why are still only 4th in the league (if Spurs win their game in hand) – where we finished last year and yet again probably won’t win anything.

    We are 20 points behind the leaders.

    No silverware since 2012 is hardly out of this world is it?

    You have a duty to broadcast positively but with realism and objectivity.

    • Titus_Red

      You do realize this is a review about the Watford game. And the Reds put on a great performance which is not taken for granted by the Wrap and most other fans.
      That’s about it.

    • Surely their only duty is to broadcast what they promise they will for 5 quid a month as we’re not talking about referendum coverage here. As regards our lack of trophies, all I can think is that I can’t understand how you survived Hodgson if you’re unsatisfied with what,and who, you’re watching at the moment.

    • Jimmy Corkhill

      League position as an indicator of success could be a little bit flawed this season IMO.

      Surely a higher points tally than last season would be progress? Of course it would, but we could still get 77-79 and still only finish 4th.

      Alternatively it’s just as plausible we could match last season’s tally of 76 and finish 3rd.

  4. With regards to Henderson being sloppy, I think his biggest problem is when he receives the ball and there is an opponent anywhere near him he panics and just gets rid! Wether that be a looping cross into the box or a fizzed pass to a teammate that is being closed down more than he is or an awful misplaced pass, it just likes he’s desperate to unload it so he’s not the one caught on the ball.
    If he could stay calm and maybe drop the shoulder or turn out and just give himself that extra half a second it would tidy his game up massively.

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