It is one of English football’s defining game. It has everything – quality, needle, canals. You name it we’ve got it for Manchester United vs Liverpool. What to make of Manchester United’s season at this stage? It’s a strange one yet they are ahead of The Reds. To help us answer that we have John Porter.

In the studio talking about Liverpool are Fuad Hasan, Rick McEvoy and John Milburn. What are they expecting from Liverpool? We’re also looking at the massed relegation picture, the visit to Chelsea for Crystal Palace with Robbie Scotcher and wondering if Bournemouth can get something from Tottenham – James Roach helps us out with that.

It’s everything a weekend preview needs for The Mighty Reds and their fans. Let’s start it off with a big win on Saturday. Neil Atkinson hosts and to subscribe, hear this, and all our excellent content from the heart of Liverpool city centre click here.