1. Greg McLaughlin

    Re Everton floating stadium: Just imagining Everton stadium announcer going, “To all our fans leaving early because we’re getting beat 5-0 by Burnley, please note we’re just sailing past the Isle of Man. Safe trip now.”

  2. Lee Brooke-Pearce

    All you can eat squid. Girls grabbing your testicles to facilitate pick pockets.

    Add behind the bin blow jobs and being chased down side streets by guys with long slim knives targeting your arse

    Oh Barcelona

  3. Robert Dixon

    So funny this show…. Great listen AGAIN FELLA’S and Miss Reddy Top class

  4. Apologies. I didn’t realise it was a AFQ football! I honestly didn’t lol.
    But thanks, if I would of realised it was AFQ football, then I would of asked a storming question. Apologies lads and Melissa. Great show.

  5. Swissscouse

    Guy’s, I have a question. I hear a lot of moaning about various players (notably Hendo) but to my mind, while there are some players you can debate about, there are some who have to be pre printed onto the team sheet, and then Klopp could just fill in the blanks game by game. These are; Karius, Robertson, Van Dyke, Hendo, Salah, Firmino, Mane. Can the Wrap have a think about it and get back to us through talking reds?


    I haven’t laughed so hard. Almost had a car accident as I was listening in the car. Hahaha

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