It’s a Friday Show about an uninspiring set of fifth round FA Cup fixtures but for Leicester City it should be a massive opportunity at this stage of the season. They should be able to devote their energies to this competition more than any other side still in it. Pete Selby joins us to talk about that.

Huddersfield Town and Manchester United have a Saturday night battle while Sheffield Wednesday face Swansea in what Owls supporter James Whaling calls the defining game of their season. It very much isn’t that for Swansea and Paul Senior and Adam Smith discuss what managers need to choose between at this stage of the campaign.

Rochdale and their supposedly dodgy pitch host Tottenham Hotspur and Johnny Greaney tells us what Rochdale have been up to in recent seasons.

Held together by Neil Atkinson this Friday Show is an essential guide to a weekend which could well be that bit more essential if we are all being honest.