The Gutter: Can Liverpool Afford To Let Sturridge Leave?

It’s all Naby Keita on the Gutter today as Rob Gutmann is able to partially moot saying I told you so. There are tons of links saying this move may well take place early and Rob is all over them.

We talk through Daniel Sturridge and wonder if there is anything else in the pipeline for The Reds. Liverpool are capable of moving again in this window.

What of Emre Can? Well we get to him…

Rob is in the chair with John Gibbons, Ian Salmon and Neil Atkinson.


  1. We all know deep down we’re not getting anybody else in this window, don’t we?

    • We’ve amazingly been linked (possibly a betting site offering around 7/2) with Griezmann!

      I smell bullshit and clickbait and won’t be happy until we’ve signed Snoogy Doogy for £100m.

  2. sir_frode_kippe

    10:01 The Crucial Three, surely?

  3. Tere Sue Gidlof

    Could just be my favorite foursome (apologies to Andy)- perfect mix of irrational rationality. Keeping my transfer window blood pressure under control.

  4. I’m with NEIL on this.
    We’re a front 3 man short already, selling Sturridge makes us short even further.
    I’m not opposed to selling him but only if there are replacements in place.
    Sturridge is a quality player but I think Ings could be a better fit for the way we play. High energy and high pressing.

  5. Barneyliverpool

    Was in agreement with John, think we will push to get Keita now but that will be it for this window.
    Also think Pulisic will be Klopp’s top target in the summer, no chance of getting him in this window which is possibly why our interest has cooled on Lemar, has shown with Kieta and VVD will wait for what he thinks is the right player.
    For me he will sell two out of the three keepers, Cann on a free, Origi and Sturridge (can’t make my mind up on Ings) and as well as Pulisic will bring in a keeper, defensive mid and a striker or winger come striker , may take a look at a left back but will probably leave as is for a season .
    If he gets this right we will not be far away for me.
    Great show as always

  6. Oxford Street Maternity

    He wouldn’t be missed as he isn’t missed. He never plays

  7. We have to forget Sturridge now. We’re clinging to a dream that isn’t there. He’s scored 2 league goals this season. He scored 3 league goals last season. I could probably match that given the chance. It’s all if’s but’s and maybe’s. We need guaranteed quality now. He’s averaged 4.25 league goals a season over the last 4. My concern is he’s taking an important squad place. LFC have a lot of money at the minute but we’re not in a position to have a 150k a week player playing 5 games a season. As it stands he’s one of our 4 forwards for 3 positions. Forget Solanke at the minute. We need a 4th Mane/ Salah / Firmino. It’s not Sturridge but while he’s here it is. We’re moving forward now. Klopp’s improving us all over the field. Gone (or more accurately, going) are the days when we cling on to the hope average players are gonna come good. Gone are the days where if we have a player who’s good enough to get us top 4 we celebrate them. We need players of Virgil’s, Keita’s, Firmino’s, Mane’s and Salah’s level. Players who can win the league.

    I’ve done the sums. Even with the increased wages I feel we have £300m to spend and that’s on the premise Keita has been bought already. Most summers we’ll have £100m. Now is the time to capitalise on our circumstances. We’re now seeing the value of qualifying for the Champions League. The thrill aside we’ve currently earned 25m minimum prize money, 10m minimum gate receipts (bearing in mind we will play Porto) and what will be close to 40m tv money for our share of the market pool. Beating Porto would see another guaranteed 10m more when round money, gates and win bonuses are considered. Even Leicester earned 80m.
    The bottom line being, this is the period Liverpool stopped being an average team and became a real challenger. Sturridge belongs to the former because his circumstances changed and there’s never been a better time to make that point.

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