Liverpool 7 Spartak Moscow 0: The Post-Match Show

What a victory, what a performance, what a side. Liverpool rampant against Spartak Moscow asking all the questions and them having so few answers.

Neil Atkinson hosts, Andy Heaton, Sasha Goryunov, Mo Stewart and Stu Wright are all in and are all delighted.

This is what it is to be on the march; come aboard.


  1. Walter Kennedy

    Take a look back at our games since Spurs, this team has moved into another gear altogether, even the Sevilla match, our ruthlessness in the first half was a sign of things to come, in the end that result is now put to bed. Everton next on the Hit List.

  2. Heaton ruined another Pink by constantly interrupting everyone mid-sentence. Does the same on AFQ Football too.

    • Get on you.

      Three times you’ve left comments in the last 6 months, twice having a pop at me.

      Did I bum your cat or something?

    • Charlie Stubbs

      That’s how The Pink is supposed to be – bunch of fans burbling over with emotion, positive or negative, fuming and raging or laughing and bouncing. There’s a time for everyone making their points in an orderly fashion and it’s The Review.

  3. Thanks as ever for the show – great to hear all the positivity and fun back.

    It’s only 10 days since we drew with Chelsea and everyone’s head fell off. I know that supporting a club is meant to be emotional and not entirely rational but I want to make the point that the players don’t need our plaudits when they play like that, they need them when they throw one in against Spurs or have a stinker against the league champions. When you walk through a storm and all that. I saw some comment on here last night using the result to say how shite Jordan Henderson is (btw mate, we also didn’t have Messi, Ronaldo or Suarez playing for us either so they must be shite too)!

    These are our players. They literally pull on the shirt and represent our club. It makes no difference if you or I would have sold them or have told all our mates that they’re not good enough. They are here and playing so we should care more about supporting them than telling everyone “I told you so”.

    Cheer them to the rafters after a display like that. Sing their name even louder the next time they fuck up and maybe then we’ll be on the way back to the top.

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