West Ham United 1 Liverpool 4 – The Post-Match Show

Liverpool have battered West Ham United by four goals to one, leaving The Reds on a three-game winning streak heading into the international break.

It’s The Anfield Wrap’s post-match show. It’s live from Belfast in front of a buoyant crowd of Reds. It’s Neil Atkinson, Gareth Roberts, John Gibbons, Mike Nevin and Paul Senior.

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  1. It doesn’t just sound like you’re in a barrel, it sounds like someone sealed you in as well. Sound quality is awful, can’t make out a word you’re saying.

  2. The live shows sound like they’re a lot of fun but the £5 per month subs are your bread and butter and that audio is unlistenable.

    Shame too because an episode of the Pink after an emphatic win is my favourite out of all your podcasts. :(

  3. No idea, terrible audio quality lads.

  4. Lads glad to hear you had a great time, but as the above mentioned, unlistenable.

  5. James Lambert

    Sorry lads, this is crap. Glad you’re having fun though. After Joey Barton and this I’m reviewing my options. Standards are usually much higher, this has been a dreadful week.

  6. James Lambert

    As someone said above, The Pink is the best show, ruined. Cheers.

  7. Yeah I’m with all of the above – not a lot of fun this, looking forward to it after a big win and it’s a massive let down on all fronts.

  8. Glad for a good result but you should have ducked out to the parking lot to record in someone’s car.

  9. Lee Brooke-Pearce

    Lads was probably a good idea at the time. Let’s not do that again. Pink is No 1 reason for the subscription.

  10. Dyspeptic Pete

    Even though you’re amplifying your voices, it sounds like the recording device has been placed a mile away from source. Was someone at the back just holding their phone in the air to capture this? Poor form, lads.

    Hope you had fun though.

  11. Tough crowd eh?

  12. Wow! that recording feels like a good team playing on a bad pitch. Please try to avoid that.

  13. James Lambert

    Yeah, fair play, I was really annoyed about this yesterday But only because I enjoy the Pink so much.

  14. Ken Charmer

    appalling audio…..never again please

  15. Koke Saavedra

    It’s sounds like someone was having fun, but I can assure you it was not us listeners. I could only handle like 2 minutes, then tried fast forward, expecting the audio to improve, then I gave up. Unlistenable. Please don’t keep doing this. It’s awful. Go Red go!

  16. As everyone else…. f*ckin unlistenable…. and I was really looking forward to that, batering a bag of Larhdon sh*te. But I did catch the words about the pain we can bring from one of their deadballs and the effect that will have on their plans to lay seige via grocks and second balls. Agree entirely and really look forward to that inhibiting c*nts like Pen*s at the baggies. Still, please don’t do this again with these otherwise superb shows lads.

  17. stevedenton1102

    Post match review ratings. 0
    Feel short changed. Look forward to listening to usual inciteful humourous passionate summary of the game but this was awful. Please dont put those of us that pay to allow you to do this have to put up with a show like this again.

  18. Same as the above lads. Nothing quite like the pink after a great win, always a highlight if the evening but couldn’t hear this one properly all, it sounded like the mic was at the back of the hall.

  19. Love the podcast but it was pointless uploading this

  20. Can’t hear a thing lads

  21. The podcast equivalent of going to the cinema, filming the movie on your phone and then releasing it on dvd.

  22. Some of the comments on here are pathetic, thought the show was great lads even if a tad hard to hear at points. WTRWWAW

  23. Don’t think I’ve ever commented on a Wrap podcast before, but the quality on this is absolutely abominable. It’s not even close to listenable – got through a couple of minutes thinking someone might move the mic closer to the guests, but no.

    Whilst I appreciate that recording might not have been as convenient as it normally is, I struggle to believe that there was not a better option available to you than what sounds like a tape recorder placed at the back of the room, next to drunk people.

    I could possibly understand this back in the day when I first subscribed, but you’re big players now and your trade is primarily in audio and you charge people (quite rightly, I might add) for the privilege of listening to that output, so I think it’s only fair that those who pay subs, pull you up when the standards fall well short of what, I think, is fair to expect from a recording.

    What compounds the disappointment is that it should (and I’m sure was for the people there) have been a joyous Pink as we thrash West Ham and get yet another PL manager the boot.

    People like myself bloody love The Pink because it gives them a taste of Match Day that we seldom get to enjoy anymore, due to proximity to Liverpool, money, or anything else that stops a good Red getting to the ground. I know you’re all busy and have tons of shit on, but please don’t forget that.

  24. Charlie Stubbs

    It’s weird – the Pink feels like it should work live; at its best, it’s very anarchic and has a zoo production feel. This one missed the target though – even ignoring the sound issues, it’s not quite right.

    Maybe tweak the format for the live version, do bits that get some managed crowd feedback (as opposed to random yelling about where you draw the line with new stadiums), maybe even have some bits where you and the crowd can see a few highlights and discuss the incidents straight after.

    Didn’t quite work this time but worth experimenting with again – I’d hate to think that all the show formats are taken as being set in stone.

  25. Mark H (markedasred on rawk)

    thanks for doing it again, much appreciated.

  26. Michael Stensgaard 's ironing board

    Great win, glad you enjoyed yourselves. However, I’d rather listen to you playing Connect Four again. Looking forward to the regular Monday podcast and Review shows on this game.

  27. Audio quality wasnt that great in the venue either lads.
    A lot of us couldnt hear what was going on and so probably the back half of the audience were talking amongst ourselves.
    You did lose part of the audience with the england world cup statements – way to read the audience guys from the off mic comments earlier (which I wont go into, unfortunate choice of circumstances for a game in a pub in Belfast I agree).
    Bit odd with no food availability, my own fault for not having anything since lunchtime so when you took your break for food between the shows I went home. Probably the only pub in Belfast not serving food for a game!
    Was a very odd atmosphere, on the night, perhaps a bit of handshaking and working the crowd beforehand would have helped, I dont know.
    It may have got better for the longer show later but for me wasnt worth hanging about.

    • Thought it was great craic myself, saw the lads doing plenty of meeting and greeting throughout the night. They were hardly likely to do that when the match was on. Bit daft to criticise them for there being no food on when pretty much everyone in Belfast knows there’s no food served in there.

      And as for the World Cup comments, lighten up eh?

      • ‘ Bit daft to criticise them for there being no food on when pretty much everyone in Belfast knows there’s no food served in there.’
        Not 100% true. Obviously… Besides quite a few people travelled and had the same issue…
        Some of us havent been in the Speakeasy in 20 years, some never at all…

        ‘And as for the World Cup comments, lighten up eh?’ Nothing to do with me mate, having West Ham fans as friends I texted them about it. The 4 guys to my left took it a bit thick and a few people were talking about it outside during the break between shows.
        You cant please all of the people all of the time but it depends on what you are aiming for.

        • What did they say about the World Cup? I didn’t listen beyond a few minuets.

          • Nothing much really, it was hard to hear. It was a rant about West Ham and their fans. Something about how they think they won the cup in 1966. I thought it was funny but I heard it all and could understand what the guy was saying.
            Of course sitting half way back with bad audio and no offence to the guys, without being able to tune into a scouse accent quickly (all my family live over there so its easy for me) you hear England and 1966 and world cup its a bit of a turn off ;-)
            I think that also had a lot to do with the shouting out a bit defending the argument against them moving to the new stadium as well.
            As I said, hard to make out so a fair few people were just talking amongst themselves from that bit on, probably added to the problems with the original sound recording as the guys in front of me asked the guys behind to be quiet as they couldnt make out the guys on stage.
            As I said, a bit of an odd atmosphere at times, no real blame, it might have picked up for the later show though so I dont know. Its a hard one with a local audience yet broadcasting to the world as its hard to keep tuned into both at the same time.

  28. David Allan

    Could not hear a thing. Only benefit was I couldn’t hear Paul Senior.

  29. An off day, settle down lads.

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