The European Show: Giants Falling

It’s back. Paul Senior’s long look at what is happening across the continent and especially Italy. Because nothing is more fascinating at the moment than Serie A. There is a long conversation around what has gone wrong for Juventus so far this season. Mo Stewart and Rebecca Knight know their stuff and have been watching as keenly as Paul.
Julien Laurens is on speaking to Neil Atkinson about Marcelo Bielsa, Paris St Germain’s targets and Jose Mourinho within that.
Then Paul, Rebecca and Mo talk through Germany and Spain; the mess Dortmund find themselves in and that Barcelona are ten clear of Real and Atletico Madrid.

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  1. Don’t usually comment, but just want to say this is becoming one of my favorite shows on the sub. Think Pauls great as a host, always love Mo, and while I sometimes wonder how I’d think of Rebecca if I supported Chelsea (love her and hate her depending on the topic) , here she’s always great. Thanks all, keep it up.

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