1. Recent podcasts have not been playing smoothly – they just keep stopping and only way to listen is to slide them forward and miss some – then it cuts out again. Help ?

  2. Sausages: Lincolnshire: F*ckin brilliant, loads of sage in them
    Don’t go near them Walls and other basic f*ckers…They’re ‘Dog’s Dick’ sausages them pink things.
    When I moved down here from The Holy City me in-laws gave me a Farm House Leicester cheese butty, blew me F*ckin mind. Dirty big crust on the big chunk bought at the local village shop– NOT yer supermarket Leicester by a long way. Next day it was a plate of Lincs links and me head fell off – We don’t get to eat these up in the North West I muttered. That’s cos we keep them for ourselves; we need some comfort cos the footy is shite!

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