The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk this week is looking back at a 0-7 hammering of Maribor and looking ahead to a massive game against Tottenham at the weekend that this Liverpool side should be going into with a lot of confidence.

It is a game Liverpool should be looking to win while respecting their opponent and one which they can win if previous years are anything to go by.

TAW also speaks to Mary Lily and Manoj Kuduvali from Liverpool Heart And Chest Hospital about their fundraising drive to bring the first Robotic Surgery unit to the city. To get involved go to or call 0151 600 1409.

The Anfield Wrap is hosted by Neil Atkinson and talking away about The Reds are John Gibbons, Ian Salmon and Josh McHugh. This is our weekend free show but to listen to all of our shows you can click here and subscribe.

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