Great show this week looking forward to the weekend’s games as supporters from five different clubs come together to talk about what their side is up against.

Starting with Leicester City vs Everton we focus on one search for a new manager which is ongoing and one which has ended. Joined by Matt Jones from The Blue Room in the studio and Pete Selby from For Foxes’s Sake podcast over the phone, it’s a thorough look at both sides with Liverpudlian voices chiming in.

Matt hangs around to talk Liverpool with Neil Atkinson, Paul Senior and Adam Smith before we speak to Steve Armstrong about Manchester United and their game against the conquerors of The Reds – Tottenham Hotspur. As ever Steve’s knowledge of The Red Devils is unparalleled.

Robbie Scotcher is on the line to talk Crystal Palace. He doesn’t want to find his side cut loose at the bottom of the table and expects a belter of a game against West Ham United.

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