AFQ Football: Sealed With A Kiss

Mo Stewart is the man with your questions this week and he is joined by Philippa Smallwood, Ian Salmon and John Gibbons.

They get through a tonne of your football questions this week, including World Cup wildcards, best memories of playing Manchester United and the lengths you would go to keep Emre Can at Liverpool….all clean, of course.

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  1. Barneyliverpool

    ‘Runners up in the League and a semi final in the Champions League’ .
    Whatever Ian is on I want some!. Probably my favourite contributor Ian, really hope he is right and I am wrong but just cant see getting anywhere close to that with our back 5 and the back-up behind it.
    Enjoyable show

  2. 1 player without injury for his Liverpool career – surely Dan Sturridge should be in that conversation

  3. City have already played – and beaten – the current league champions. #justsayin’

  4. Most hated Man Utd player might actually be Michael Owen. Least hated is Juan Mata for me.

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