You want to know what is happening outside of LFC in the Premier League? I bet you do after a 5-0 reverse! So we have that for you. All the news and updates you could hope for.

First we have Robbie Scotcher talking about Crystal Palace, De Boer and Hodgey. Then we shoot over to Guto Llewelyn who is very much missing Gylfi Sigurdsson and creativity from Swansea City’s starting line up.

Then it gets more upbeat. Elliot Hackney from Bearpit TV is having a good time with Stoke City this season and wants to tell us all about it. Chris Waugh from The Chronicle in Newcastle has just returned from South Wales watching Rafa’s Robots’s victory and feels like Newcastle will be good on the road all the way through the season.

Neil Atkinson and John “xG” Gibbons are driving the coach. Come aboard…

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