NEIL Atkinson is joined by Paul Cope and Sean Rogers to take the final look at Liverpool’s disappointing draw with Watford and to analyse what the manager and his staff will be thinking and feeling about the game.

Angry is the first part of that – Liverpool at that set piece in the first half were guilty of just making too many mistakes. Those mistakes are looked at along with what Liverpool themselves can feel as though they did well. But as ever the show is very much about understanding the decisions that managers and players make rather than finding ways to simply criticise them. It’s a patient look at an impatient game, however disappointing the final result may well have ended up being. The shape is discussed and whether or not the players were doing as Jürgen Klopp would like.

Further, there is a discussion around the Phil Coutinho situation and how the footballers will respond to this sort of situation. Who has the bigger role to play with the squad – Jordan Henderson or the manager? It’s never easy around football clubs and Liverpool being a pressure cooker environment will be no different.

Liverpool need to improve but the second half showed the blueprint as much as anything else. Everything you need is here for the final word on Watford.