Radio City Talk: Breaking Bad

As the news breaks so does The Anfield Wrap. Neil Atkinson is joined by Ben Johnson, John Gibbons and James McKenna.

What is going on? What do we do next? And what was in the email that Coutinho sent?

Sean Rogers is in for a chat about Watford, and the crew have a chat about that game too. It’s The Anfield Wrap as news breaks. It’s the business…

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  1. JCinSecretHarbour

    Great show as ever lads.

    On the topic of LFC STILL!! not being very good at talent spotting, here’s my Fkn big gripe. ie read a piece about SG8 wanting VVD to sign for the Reds when he was leaving Celtic would have saved £60m not to mention a load of grief. And who was the bright spark in Scouting who’s professional verdict on Dele Ali, when Carl Robinson, a massive Red, at the time was his manager at MK Dons, said this Kid was a marvel of his generation and almost pleaded LFC to come and sign Ali. LFC had a path to sign the kid which was as clear as John Lennon runway. Yet in someone’s infinite wisdom he wasn’t worth the risk of £7m.
    WTK!! sack the negligent bastards. And now we’re hearing about dithering about when NK was available for a tad less than the £70m that we’ll probably now have to pay for the fella. There lies the massive problem. Why don’t we just cut out the middle men and go get Les Reid and his team at Southampton. Makes a load of sense to me

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