LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, August 19, 2017: Liverpool supporters on the Spion Kop with a banner remembering the 96th Hillsborough victim Tony Bland during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

ANFIELD Wrap contributors with talking points straight from the ground after Liverpool got their home campaign off to a positive start with a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace.

Pre match

12.42pm: @robbohuyton: Looking forward to this. Love the first game back after the summer. Everything’s a bit new again.

12.47pm: @dan_morgan3: I’m up for the idea of Solanke starting.

12.48pm: @Danny_Austin14: Be arsed with Origi.

1.45pm: @umbrospeciali: Stepping onto the platform as the train pulls off isn’t the greatest of starts.

1.50pm: @robbohuyton: I left my bins at home and my car on a one-hour parking space so I’m flying as well…

2.05pm: @Danny_Austin14: Klavan. Christ.

2.08pm: @NeilDocking: Lots of surprises in that lineup. First start for Robertson, Gomez at right back? Milner in midfield and Sturridge starts. Mane makes it but Salah rested. Sturridge central or wide of Firmino? Who knows what to expect? It’s not a back four that inspires much confidence but going forward we could be amazing. Bonkers.

2.22pm: @jsexton24: Intrigued by Robertson starting, talk of him not being up to speed with our style when Klopp has shown a tendency to sign players who slot straight in, hopefully he solves our problems with width from last season and has more of a brain than Moreno.

2.25pm: @robbohuyton: Feels risky to make that many changes in one fell swoop but we’ll see. Looks exciting anyway!

2.26pm: @dan_morgan3: 3-4-3?

2.29pm: @NeilDocking: Looks like the first indication Klopp will rotate heavily this season.

2.30pm: @umbrospeciali: All the noises are he’s happy with the squad so games like this, we’ll see. If you can’t rotate at home to Palace when can you?

2.32pm: @jsexton24: Think Gomez right back, so four at the back.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, August 19, 2017: Liverpool players stand in silence to remember the victims of the Barcelona car crash before the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

First half

3.09pm: @jsexton24: Refreshing to see a left footer bombing on who isn’t Albie.

3.12pm: @Knox_Harrington: Milner very wide in and out of possession.

3.12pm: @Knox_Harrington: All onto Robertson’s delivery.

3.33pm: @Knox_Harrington: Matip should score. Great ball.

3.33pm: @johngibbonsblog: Sturridge can only jog.

3.34pm: @Danny_Austin14: Robertson can cross a footy, like.

3.35pm: @jsexton24: Henderson’s passing so hit and miss today, still looks a touch off it.

3.35pm: @Danny_Austin14: He’d be great service in a game of heads and volleys.

3.44pm: @robbohuyton: Mad to see empty seats on the opening day of the season. Still feels like there’s more that can be done to stop that from happening.

3.48pm: @RobGutmann: Where are they? I can’t see them.

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Half time

3.49pm: @RobGutmann: We’re not getting Mane in the game. Wijnaldum needs to do more than ghost all over the show.

3.50pm: @RobGutmann: Milner far better.

3.50pm: @johngibbonsblog: Mane not been great. Has to score.

3.50pm: @RobGutmann: He’s been quiet.

3.50pm: @robbohuyton: There are honestly some people who shouldn’t go to football matches. For 45 minutes I’ve had to endure an absolute prick slaughtering every single player in red — “crap him”, “lazy that”, “worst captain I’ve ever seen”, “Robertson is absolute shite by the way”, “what’s the manager doing here – no way they are knackered”, “the team look knackered here”, “Henderson is overweight”, “Mignolet is shit”, “Gomez is shit”, “I hate coming to home games yano”, “Milner is shite”, “fuck off you”. Honestly can’t cope listening to this prick all season.

3.51pm: @robbohuyton: Main Stand.

3.51pm: @RobGutmann: Firmino getting muscled out in too many challenges. Sturridge wading through porridge.

3.51pm: @Danny_Austin14: Would like us to move to a diamond at some point. They’re playing with effectively seven defenders with the two holding midfielders, could do with changing the threat up.

3.52pm: @johngibbonsblog: Lads behind me are dickheads too. Want to get Coutinho on…

3.53pm: @RobGutmann: Tbf I want to get Coutinho on.

3.54pm: @johngibbonsblog: Mad how hard it is to buy a beer.

3.54pm: @johngibbonsblog: Maybe if they let people buy things they could afford new players.

3.56pm: @robbohuyton: Yep. Queue hasn’t moved in The Kop since the whistle went. Why don’t more gaffs have them things they had at the Millennium that pour about a million pints at once?

3.56pm: @Danny_Austin14: Some beaut by me and Craig has confused “shit on the cockneys” for “shit on the eagles” and keeps trying to get it going, the prick.

3.56pm: @dan_morgan3: Would keep Mane left for the start of the second half. Ward is absolutely shocking at footie.

3.58pm: @RobGutmann: Smh at the prick shitting on the eagles.

4pm: @RobGutmann: Gibbo — totes agree. Football has to learn how to sell ale to people who want to pay for it.

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Second half

4.20pm: @robbohuyton: Thatcher was a cunt. Just not sure about the relevance of her being dead to beating Palace tbh.

4.21pm: @jsexton24: Wonder whether Klopp’s thought about Sturridge deeper, constantly dropped off but does interchange well.

4.24pm: @robbohuyton: Mad the way Salah setting himself up looks like an option from goalkicks.

4.24pm: @jsexton24: Looks leggy Salah.

4.29pm: @jsexton24: Is fucking right, Dom Solanke.

4.30pm: @jsexton24: Mane: our best player.

4.31pm: @robbohuyton: Thank fuck for that. Mane’s got a brilliant determination about him that’s going to serve us well. And he’s brilliant as well, like…

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, August 19, 2017: Liverpool's Sadio Mane scores the first goal during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Post match

5pm: @NeilDocking: Even on an off day Mane is always a threat. Should get 20 league goals this year.

5.06pm: @umbrospeciali: Thought it was flat as a witch’s tit until Salah came on. The lack of creativity in the midfield worries me but on reflection it’s a game we completely controlled and could have grabbed a couple more late on.

5.06pm: @umbrospeciali: Oh and Mane is obviously amazing.

5.08pm: @robbohuyton: Been a lot of “Matip isn’t that good” shouts lately so let’s acknowledge the fact he’s played well today. Klavan did well too.

5.09pm: @jsexton24: Klavan seems more of a calming presence than Lovren while not being as good at football.

5.10pm: @jsexton24: Robertson also much better than Moreno in terms of delivery.

5.10pm: @Danny_Austin14: Defence did really well considering everyone was having kittens at the prospect before kick off. Benteke barely touched the ball.

5.10pm: @umbrospeciali: Said the same. Wonder whether it possibly helps Matip not having Lovren to worry about. Thought Robertson was tidy, first game at Anfield and put in some glorious balls first half.

5.11pm: @jsexton24: Don’t understand the shouts about not wanting to see Milner play in certain positions think he’s much better than he gets credit for tbh.

5.12pm: @dan_morgan3: Thought Matip played very well there.

5.14pm: @umbrospeciali: I’m not keen on Milner and Wijnaldum together but either one with Lallana or Coutinho would be sound.

5.45pm: @jsexton24: Hope we can build on this and develop a ruthless streak, long as we get results while we find our feet, the performances will follow. Just keep fucking winning, Reds.

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