Gutter: No Go For Coutinho

Rob Gutmann is back with a bang for our latest Gutter show, joining him to chew the transfer chat is Neil Atkinson, Glenn Price and Ian Ryan

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  1. Barneyliverpool

    Great show lads and good to hear Rob again,
    Just putting it out there as it was not discussed but what would people do if we were offered around 80mill and Rakitic for Phil?
    Like to hear what the lads would do, especially Neil.
    Thanks again

    • It’s getting lost in all the rumours and the bollocks…80m would still be in the top 5 fees ever paid. Take Neymar and all the extraordinary political stuff out of the picture – a fee of 90m makes Coutinho the most expensive player ever. With all the noise around fees, lukaku is still the highest fee this summer @ 75m.
      The perspective is getting lost.

      • Barneyliverpool

        Totally agree but Barca want him and will pay over 100 mill to get it over the line.Think he will go eventually.
        This deal was floating around some of the more dubious publications apparently Klopp is a fan so was just interested in what would people think if this was a way of getting this over the line this year.

  2. Don’t forget there is an extra keen point for Southampton fans.. last summer they pulled a Dortmund – in 15-16 they finished above us in the league. Remember that, if their fans are dreaming of becoming a bigger club than LFC, that is a major step for them. THEN they sold us Mane. Just like how Dortmund finished ABOVE Bayern and then sold them their best player again.

    That Mane deal had to be the last straw for them. From their perspective the sale must have been the sign that their ownership were never really serious about improving the club (whether or not that is a correct deduction). This also sounds a lot like our issue with selling our best players right after making it back into Champion’s League.

    In short, I completely understand their point of view. But get VVD anyway. :)

    • Do you not find it strange how the Mane deal was done with so little fuss from Southampton?
      No fight, no prolonged negotiations etc etc.
      Done and dusted quite early if I remember right.
      It’s their fans leading the fume not the club, quite understandably.

      I think Neil could be on to something.

  3. Charlie Stubbs

    I hate to disagree with Neil but I’m struggling to find the word to describe this transfer window other than disaster. We crawled over the finish line last season and scraped into the top four, utterly exhausted. This season we’re almost certain to have at least 10 more top level games – so however tired we were last year, add 25% to the workload. Arsenal, who came within one wrong refereeing decision of overtaking us, won’t care about Europe this year. Our defence consists of a non-left back, one centre back who goes missing for loads of games, another centre back who goes missing in loads of games, a player we bought ‘in case of emergency’ who played 20 games last year and Mr 6.5/10 himself, Nathaniel Clyne.

    We’ve gone from “I don’t care how much he cost, it’s not my money” to “Look at the value that we got with Salah”. “It’s the biggest war chest a Liverpool manager has ever had” to “They should be congratulated for not selling our best player.” It’s a bit disheartening to hear the Wrap contributors lower their expectations so dramatically – great to hear Rob back though.

    • Windows not closed yet.

      • Charlie Stubbs

        Yes, still time to go from disaster to catastrophe.

      • Simple simone

        Bang on mate. Just enough time for Coutinhio to sulk his way to Barcelona. Another profit making transfer window. Klopp needs to realise he isn’t at Dortmund anymore and the expectation level at Liverpool is much much higher….from the fans anyeay.

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