The Gutter: Barcelona’s Bid Rebuffed

Having missed their own self-imposed deadline, today’s papers are predictably reporting that Barcelona will once again chance their arm for Philippe Coutinho later in the week.

Joining Rob Gutmann to discuss the latest murmurings around Liverpool’s precocious Brazilian, as well as the latest on Virgil van Dijk and other transfer targets, are Ian Salmon, Stephen Evans and Jamie Russell.

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  1. Camberwellse5

    Re the Oxo-Chambo transfer; wages, transfer fee, playing position, manager and champions league may all be factors but the deciding factor may well be something that Liverpool can’t fix – geography. On the other hand that does not appear to be a factor in the Van Dyke saga

  2. What would you guys think if he was sold and they used the money (since we don’t ‘need’ it) to fund the Anfield Road stand expansion?

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