The Friday Show is back on TAW. Neil Atkinson is joined by Rory Smith, Matt Jones and Rob Gutmann in the studio with Pete Selby, Ahsan Naeem and Guto Llewelyn over the phone.

So to discuss? Well everything. Absolutely everything. From the Premier League big picture to the specifics game by game, we work through Everton, Stoke, Liverpool at Watford, Leicester those crazy cats, Manchester City and Swansea. Everything you want from a weekend preview is within…

– The countdown to the weekend starts with The Friday Show! Listen to the lowdown on Liverpool’s weekend opponents plus another couple of games out of the calendar that jump out as interesting. It’s the perfect preview, it’s that Friday feeling, it’s The Friday Show. Subscribe – it’s only a fiver a month. Minimum sign up is only one month, and if it’s not for you, all’s you’ve lost is the price of a London pint.

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