Free Podcast: Sadio The Mane Man As Liverpool Overcome Palace

A long look at a rock solid 1-0 win from Liverpool where the manager was able to make 5 changes and see the side be far better than their opponents.

Liverpool created a load of chances and turned up the heat on Palace.

They also could do with another player which is discussed and there is a look ahead to Hoffenheim.

Neil Atkinson is joined by Paul Johnson, Rob Gutmann and Dan Morgan.

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  1. Tom Garriock

    Have I overslept or have you got your days mixed up? Unless you recorded it last Monday,in which case can you tell me how we get on against Arsenal next week please?

  2. Great show lads, thanks. Does anyone else think Wilshire would be worth a punt?

  3. Great show fellas although not much mention of the inspirational performance from the crowd. What must the players make of ‘the famous Anfield atmosphere’.

    As much as I consistently enjoy Rob’s contributions, I do think he’s got a blind spot with mignolet. Last season he was amongst the best keeepers in the prem and the idea he has barely come to claim a ball in the manner suggested is just not right. Personally I think he’s due a lot more credit in general. That’s his cue to have an absolute mare against the hoff, now.

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