The Gutter: Forcing A Move

Paul Senior takes his first foray into the Gutter in Gutmann’s absence and is ably assisted by Ian Ryan, Adam Smith and Neil Atkinson. This is what it is fly solo…

And fly they do. Back into the links with players away from Liverpool – Mamadou Sakho and Joe Gomez. But also a chat about the hardy perennials – Ox-Chambo, Keita and Virgil Van Dijk. Who will have to act the biggest goat to get their move?

Everything you need on transfers on a Thursday morning…


  1. FelixKrull

    I think we’re underestimating the takeover negotiations of Southampton. Under normal circumstances with their current owner, my sense is Van Dijk would happily be for sale, and any noises to the contrary would just be to save face with the fans. That’s how they’ve been run for years. But to sell their biggest asset – is St. Mary’s even worth 70m? – during takeover talks would sink the club’s value. Saints owner is supposedly not interested at all in football, only out to make money, and according to the Times might be hit with a huge tax bill due to her inheritance.

  2. Its the Gutter ! Throw any and all names in the hat.

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