A new show on TAW Player, looking at questions around the game of football and exploring how overseas support functions for Liverpool supporters around the globe.

In Liverpool Neil Atkinson, Stu Wright and Steve Graves have a chat about whether or not football is meant to be entertainment. Are you entertained by football, will we all be suitably entertained this season? Or is football something different? They talk through this question either side of John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts in Hong Kong speaking to the Hong Kong Supporters Club.

The pair chat to Ian McCallen, Neil Williams, Rob Jarrett and Helen Chan about what Liverpool’s visit means to them, how they support The Reds in the Far East.

It’s a new show, a sedate look at the game and how we all enjoy it.

Massive thanks to Ian, Neil, Rob and Helen of the Hong Kong Reds who can be found here http://www.hongkongreds.com

You can also support ‘Camp Quality’ the Hong Kong Reds official nominated charity who support children and families of children with cancer on the following link https://www.campquality.org.hk