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This week The Anfield Wrap looks into Liverpool’s relative inertia to date, imagines what the squad could come to look like and plots the course through pre-season. Jurgen Klopp will want his players in, he always does, but can the club manage that?

Hosted by Neil Atkinson and with Mike Nevin, Dan Morgan, Melissa Reddy and John Gibbons this is the current state of play for Liverpool FC.

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  1. Great pod cast guys, most grounded LFC news on the net. It’s the saga & continual regurgitating news spewing out about the Salah and VVD deals, would be good one day if LFC just get deals done quickly and under the radar, just like City did a few weeks ago, efficient and fast with no media saga’s. FSG just seem a bit inexperienced & just lack that street smartness.

  2. Hi Lads enjoyed the podcast great to hear you are coming over to Dublin,that will be a quiet one not much to do over here.With it being a week to go before the start of season hopefully we will get to see a strong side.

  3. Mel said that she felt ‘Liverpool and Klopp are upto something’ at the moment, what’s the chance that it’s Lewandovski????

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