An Anfield Wrap with a difference today, all the transfer tattle is over on our subscription feed, with Rob Gutmann getting ridiculously excited about more potential ins to follow in the footsteps of Mo Salah. Here though, we’re doing something else in a podcast of two parts.

First, I’m joined by Andy Heaton, Ian Ryan and Paul Senior and with Liverpool making two high-profile appointments off the pitch this summer in the shape of chief executive Peter Moore and head of club and supporter liaison officer Tony Barrett I want to discuss what we as fans want from Liverpool FC. How do we want them to act? What should it’s identity be? What would make it a de facto ‘good club’?

I then speak to Simon Strachan, who is the co-founder of Gain Line – a sports analytics company – and along with his business partner Ben Darwin they have worked at the top level in rugby union. They’ve got some interesting theories that are now being applied across all sports, including football, in particular around squad stability and team cohesion.

All this and more on this week’s big show.