AFQ: The Chase

Neil Atkinson was joined for this week’s AFQ by Craig Hannan, Joe Connolly, Gareth Roberts, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan.

AFQ Friday is just one of a package of 30 shows released every month to TAW Player subscribers. Covering everything from the first team to Liverpool Ladies, the Under-21s to transfer gossip, with nostalgia, music and laughs thrown in for good measure, there’s something for every Red at just £5 a month.


  1. Tell Gareth, one of my aligators said that if youse tried to lash him in the bath, he tear yer arse off. I’ve got the survivors of the St Laurie’s snooker team from ’65 living their bollocko lifestyle in the airing cupboard and they have got wrinkly nudgers but, jesus, their plums do hang down low though. We fucked the gang of giant rats off when we found out they were from Netherfield, pricks!

  2. What was wrong with that ya Prudes?

  3. Who was the divvy who gave the excuse that sometimes a film isnt revealed as shit until the end to explain not watching them?
    In any case, he gave sound reasoning to quit watching footy since it offers the same pull-the-rug-out-from-underneath-you style of conclusion. Supremely idiosyncratic that…

  4. I don’t know why but this might be my favourite AFQ so far!

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