The Team Talk: Liverpool v Crystal Palace

In the immediate aftermath of Jurgen Klopp’s press conference, John Gibbons is joined by Andy Heaton, Gareth Roberts and Craig Hannan to look ahead to Liverpool’s home game against Crystal Palace.

We analyse the manager’s comments on an injury crisis at centre half, the ongoing goal keeping situation, the team’s growing ability to manage games and the form of Divock Origi.

John is also joined by Esben Suurballe Christensen who is over from Denmark for the game. Esben talks to us about his experiences watching Liverpool which inspired him to write a book.


  1. MigzeeTigglez

    Because of these injuries, this second half of the season is the first time since 13/14 that i haven’t felt confident in ‘pool grabbing favorable results, week in and week out. It’s odd when considering the state of our form in recent seasons, but there’s a perfectly logical reason for this, and that is the team knocking on the door of Champions League footy. I still get up for each game. The whole of the week I’m funneling fan and club content down my gullet greedily until the moment of kick-off, when I’m looking for a hole to hide in.
    That being said, we’re sitting in third, and we’re in the driving seat steering towards a top-4 finish. We’re in control and there’s loads to be optimistic about. I know most of these anxieties stem from juxtaposing 2017 Liverpool with a fully fit 2016 Aug-Dec Liverpool, and with the Europe cheese dangling in front of slathering mouths it’s not easy to keep calm and just have fun.
    Ah, well. Just have to psychologically navigate my way towards a mindset where I can just enjoy watching the mighty reds kick the ball around, again.
    Love these pods

  2. We all knew what’d happen when that lad said he’d never seen us lose. Gibbo felt the jinx, we all felt the jinx. The only consolation is that he can’t do it again.

    I said the same words before Anfield derby in 1999, they beat us 1-0, still feel dead sly

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