Phone In: Lucas Legacy

Only four callers on this week’s phone in. No blame culture and all that.

But we get through a lot. We work through the focus on Saturday’s win, the idea of expanding the Anfield Road stand, what Champions League will mean at this stage and what to do about Lucas Leiva.

That is a lot.

Who did we have?

Jack from Cannock.
Dave from Meols.
Pejman from Orlando.
Paula from Abu Dhabi.

Thanks to them for calling and please call next week.


  1. On the Anfield Road expansion; I doubt we will see any major statement on the progress of this until the club have made a call one way or the other on whether they will submit an update before the outline planning permission expires later this year. The owners have shown a reluctance to give a running commentary on the stadium all along, preferring to wait until there is actually something definite to announce.

    Having said that, the club have said something on the record about the Anfield Road stand. From the minutes of Supporters Group Meeting on 22nd January:-

    “Andrew Parkinson (Operations Director) said that, in terms of Anfield Road, and making a decision it would be based on how well the Main Stand had performed. This is still very much the case. However, the Club has been investigating numerous options with regard to the re-development of Anfield Road and this is similar to the programme the Club undertook with the Main Stand. Each will review different economic and construction models, all of which would need to be in the best interests of the Club. The Club has outline planning consent and is working within the timeframe set therein.”

  2. Les Howard

    Good show lads…even with just the 4 callers. No blame culture tho.

    Maybe ask for TAW subscribers to post questions at the beginning for the show? Or open it up to Twitter ?

    Anfield expansion was a good call. Urgently needed.

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