AFQ: Arr, I Love All That…..

Neil Atkinson was joined for this week’s AFQ by Ben Johnson, Paul Senior, Stephanie Heneghan, Gareth Roberts and Steve Graves.

AFQ Friday is just one of a package of 30 shows released every month to TAW Player subscribers. Covering everything from the first team to Liverpool Ladies, the Under-21s to transfer gossip, with nostalgia, music and laughs thrown in for good measure, there’s something for every Red at just £5 a month.


  1. Looks like those bastards from the Mashed Potato Lobby got their hands on the Wrap. Only one voice of sanity speaking up for the truth.

    Baked potatoes, roast potatoes, boiled new potatoes, salted potatoes, chips, delicious one and all and the list could go on. Potatoes are tasty. In fact, it’s pretty hard to make a potato not tasty. There is one way though. Peel off the skin, the bit with the most flavour, boil them until they’re mushy enough to mash, i.e. once they’ve completely lost any remaining taste they might have had and then mash them into a gloopy, unappetising mess. Oh, and be sure to add butter, milk and black pepper in order to make up for the lack of any flavour and to give it an even worse consistency which would feasibly pass as some sort of industrial sealant.

    Oh yeah. And it’s practically the official food of cockneys. Pie n mash and n jellied eels and all that. Mashed potato… the absolute worst thing you can do to a potato. And I’ve done some pretty unusual and non traditional things with potatoes.

  2. Eddie McCormack

    Loved this, funny as fuck but…Tradionally mashed potato is made by baking potatoes, scooping out the middle and mashing it with butter, cream and or milk. It’s a wonderful thing. Just saying

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