JOINING Rob Gutmann for a broader look at FSG’s ownership of Liverpool Football Club on this week’s Unwrapped are Neil Atkinson, Paul Hogan and Simon Hughes of The Independent.

Prompted by Simon’s piece in The Independent earlier in the week critiquing the ownership group’s tenure both on and off the pitch, the panel take along look at the changes that have occurred since John W Henry and what was then New England Sports Ventures took control of an ailing Liverpool FC.

Having stabilised the club and balanced the books, the current owners have operated with plenty of credit in the bank for the most part, but questions remain:

Is the newly-expanded Anfield good enough for Liverpool or is it merely a sticking plaster solution?

Given that Liverpool are a consistent presence in the infamous Deloitte Money League top 10, why are they lagging behind their supposed equals when it comes to performances on the pitch?

Are Liverpool doing enough to win, or is the often claimed ‘conservative attitude’ behind the scenes contributing to a constant cycle of near misses?

All this, in depth, and more in a barnstorming ‘Unwrapped’.

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