Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1: The Pink

Neil Atkinson is joined by Paul Cope and Steve Graves to talk about the quality of Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City. What a game – the Reds got a valuable point and stopped Manchester City picking up all three today at the Etihad.

– Wrap at it most full-throated whether joyous in victory or broken in defeat. The filth and the fury comes to the fore as those who have just been watching the Mighty Reds get themselves in front of a microphone and try to make sense of 90 minutes of sheer hell without their Isotonic Lucozade Sport. Want to listen to ‘The Pink’ as well as over 30 extra shows a month? You can with a TAW Player subscription for £5 a month. You can subscribe here.


  1. Why not have 2 refs on a pitch

  2. Was too caught up in the intensity of the match and its meaning to truly enjoy it, but I’ll hopefully watch it back during the week and appreciate how amazing that contest was. We’re getting there. Still a long way from home in whatever sense you want to interpret that (either top 4 or higher aspirations) but I think we’re getting there.

  3. Lee Brooke-Pearce

    As above was really too tight to truly enjoy particularly as I really rather selfishly wanted the 3 points to make the run in for 4th a little bit more relaxed. However only a couple of things to add:

    1) Coutinho is a real worry at the moment – looks unhappy and would welcome more clarity on his situation
    2) So so proud of Can – he was in beast mode and delighted he got the assist
    3) Origi seemed like he was in some sort of RWB position when we needed an outlet. He needs to get that muscular ‘you ain’t getting this off me’ mojo back sharpish
    4) Wow our bench is shocking right now – Klopp really needs to take responsibility for keeping his wallet in the back pocket

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