The Big Interview: Xabi Alonso

In a 50-minute interview exclusive to TAW Player subscribers, John Gibbons and Andy Heaton sit down with Liverpool legend Xabi Alonso for a wide-ranging chat with one of Liverpool’s finest ever midfielders.

From humble beginnings at Sociedad, juggling school and studies around his burgeoning professional football career to his big moves to Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, the World Cup winner talks in detail about the highs and lows of his time in the game, including what it was like settling in a foreign country, to that night in Istanbul and ultimately why he left Liverpool after coming so close to winning that elusive league title.

Xabi also details his plans and hopes for the future after recently announcing his imminent retirement from the game which he hopes to crown with a third Champions League Trophy with Bayern Munich.

All this and loads more, but we don’t want to give it all away in the blurb do we?

Our exclusive 50 minute interview with Xabi Alonso is available exclusively to TAW Player subscribers and is the latest in a long line of big name interview that sit alongside our regular content which amounts to over 30 shows a month, all this and for only £5 a month. TAW Player – don’t settle for anything less.



  1. Boss tha.

  2. Why no video

    • There will be some video clips next week. But the answer is because it’s an interview for subscribers to TAW Player – our subscription podcast package. It’s people paying a fiver a month that allows us to do these things.

  3. Man I’m so glad Harry Kewell didn’t take that pen. Nothing against the guy, but he had as unlucky a career as Alonso had a majestically charmed one.

  4. SpudChester

    Erm … if nobody else wants Xabi’s ticket for Row 60, I’m available :) ??

  5. Colm McCrory

    I never knew he’d gone to a juggling school. You’ll be telling us Emre Can studied mime in Paris next.

  6. Sorry, hungover misjudged humour attempt.
    Another great interview!

  7. Fantastic interview. Xabi is such an intelligent and down to earth guy. Really enjoyed that – thanks!

  8. One of our greatest ever players… I was there when that bastard ‘ lovely fwankie wampard’ broke his ankle… it was the tackle of a shithouse!!…
    I was also at Anfield when he had Steve Harper on his knees from 60 yards… a Liverpool legend, a football man!!..our joint best midfield foreign import with ‘the great Dane’… thank you lads for making my day with a terrific interview with a fantastic man.

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