As ever Stephanie Heneghan isn’t 100% about this – as ever she produces the best recommendations and longest chat.

Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons reduced to making up the numbers but the gig recommendations from John are especially on point – everything you need for Liverpool’s music scene in February.

What else? More talk of feelings and all of that carry on and the promise of more to come.

Shall we do the listings? Let’s:


Friday 3rd Feb – Disco Glitter Love—A-Space-Disco/12902564/

Friday 10th Feb – DJ Hype at Kitchen Street

Avenue Q – Liverpool Empire – 22nd to 27th Feb

North Identity – Open Eye Gallery

Zoo Logic – Mark Leckey – Walker Art Gallery – finishes at the end of Feb

Hidden Figures – Film


Sneaky Nixons. District. Feb 3rd

Matthew And The Atlas – Studio 2. Feb 4th

Trampoline: The Magnet, February 9

New Atlas: Maguire’s, February 23

Pride and Prejudice. 7th to 11th Feb. Playhouse


Elevant // Arts Club // 18th February.

Lady Leshurr // o2 Academy // 28th February.

The Twits // The Playhouse // 21st to 25th February.

Bridget Christie // Everyman // 3rd March

New Mogwli/Izakaya/Castle Street in general.


Lambchop – Bugs
Madonna – Nothing Really Matters
Lady Leshurr – Where Are You Now (feat. Wiley)
Matthew And The Atlas – Modern Times
Pulp – The Trees’

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