STEPHEN Warnock is back in The Anfield Wrap studio for another Pro View.

Talking to Gareth Roberts and Paul Cope, the former Liverpool defender discusses the importance of a good number one between the sticks and, in reaction to the much discussed players’ meeting at Liverpool pre-Spurs match, how players can sort out problems on the pitch without the intervention of the manager.

We also get into the dark arts of football: Time-wasting, feigning injury, delaying taking of free kicks, kicking the ball away, taking ages over substitutions, appealing more vociferously – and as a collective – for decisions, disrupting opposition play with deliberate fouls, drawing a foul…

Are these attributes that are innate or are they coached? Is it something a manager might encourage you to do on the pitch or something players choose to do themselves?

We also talk referees. What is the relationship like between officials and players? Are games in the Premier League refereed the same way they are lower down the leagues?

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