The Run In Starts Here.

Liverpool go to Leicester City to face Ranieri’s men who find themselves in a very strange place – the Champions flirting with relegation. They haven’t got going this season or settled into a pattern of play. But it was a big goal in Sevilla and Pete Selby thinks it will be a big first 20 against Liverpool.

As for The Reds, are they rested? Rejuvenated? We will find out but looking into the situation the club find themselves in are Melissa Reddy, Rob Gutmann and Ian Ryan. Is the break too long or will Liverpool kick in as they did at the start of the year?

Over the phone Mark Sanderson and Steve Armstrong look forward to the league cup final. For Southampton it is a massive deal, for Manchester United it is one part of an exciting end to the season.

The Friday Show. A final. A run in. There may be a storm outside but we are very much getting into spring…