This week’s Friday Show is a big one: Manchester United away. So of course we have a bullish Steve Armstrong on the phone. United have won 9 on the bounce. Liverpool are looking a little wobbly.

Steve speaks to Neil Atkinson over the phone. In the studio Neil is joined by Rob Gutmann and Adam Smith and they look at the game from the Liverpudlian perspective.

They also look at the weekend’s other games. Chelsea go to Leicester, but what Leicester will turn up? Man City go to Everton and Natalie Pike joins us to talk about City.

And at the bottom the picture still isn’t clear. Payet wants out; do Palace want Benteke out? Robbie Scotcher talks Crystal Palace.

Plus we have Mick Clarke, Ben McCausland, Kev Walsh and John Gibbons talking about Old Trafford.

Everything you need…

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