‘The Gutter is back – Rob Gutmann is ruling his domain with a rod of iron and he is demanding that we talk transfers with him and get all dirty.

Which players come under his mucky microscope? Inevitably there is Pulisic, the Dortmund Wing Wonder. There is Brandt – Leverkusen’s finest.

What did The Draxler Affair (a Robert Ludlum Blockbuster) say about Liverpool’s plans in this window? And what of Quincy Promes, Instagram and Wijnaldum? What lies in those runes to be read?

MORE? Of course. Emil Forsberg gets a shout out and Neil won’t shut up about Wilf Zaha.

That’s right – Neil is in with Rob, as is Melissa Reddy and Phil Blundell. It is the Gutter. Everything you need…’
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