Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons, Stu Wright, Craig Rimmer and Matt Jones to look ahead at a double bill of Premier League games; the Christmas period in full effect.

They are looking at Liverpool’s massive game against Manchester City. No Matip or Coutinho for The Reds but City are vulnerable; phone guest David Mooney worries for the Sky Blues. Will Liverpool be able to take advantage? And just how big a game is this? Chelsea are putting pressure on everyone.

Also under the microscope is the trip to the Stadium of Light; Liverpool against Sunderland – will The Reds make changes or be patched up. Do Sunderland have the scope to make changes? Steve Goldsmith doesn’t think so.

Elsewhere Everton face Hull and Southampton – Matt Jones will fill us in on that prospect and on how big a win it was against Leicester for the Blues.

Plus a look ahead to the full double bill. It is the Friday Show. No one knows what day it is, mind.

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