The Rider has its last special guest for the year and what a special guest it is. Fresh off the back of her appearance on BBC Introducing and in the week her album “The Great Unknown” comes out The Rider is overjoyed to have the brilliant and all round marvellous Natalie McCool join in with all of our nonsense.

She talks about what she has been up to, which is releasing a terrific album, picks something from it and begins plans for the next one live on air seemingly. She also picks another lovely new tune for us.

The Rider regulars Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan settle into talk of jumpers, weekends and Agatha Christie with one eye on the Christmas horizon.

What else? Well the songs. The songs are especially marvellous this week. Natalie’s obviously but everyone else in fine form as the music industry moves to a close down.

The Rider – Melia back next week, but hasn’t everyone been lovely?


Loyle Carner – No CD
Childish Gambino – Redbone
Romare – L.U.V.
Natalie McCool – Pins
Tobi-Lou – Hopefully
Jhene Aiko – Maniac
Silent Cities – Petrichor
Shovels & Rope – Buffalo Nickel
Emmy The Great – Rapids

Direct: The Rider – Whoo-Hoo

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