The countdown to the weekend starts here – it’s Friday! Listen to the lowdown on Liverpool’s weekend opponents plus another couple of games out of the calendar that jump out as interesting. It’s the perfect preview, it’s that Friday feeling, it’s The Friday Show.

And what a Friday Show it is. A cast of thousands, a look at everything. Joining Neil Atkinson in the studio are John Gibbons and Ben Johnson and both are absolutely full of beans about the weekend to come not just for Liverpool but for the league as a whole. They both fancy Liverpool against Arsenal leaving Neil in the unlikely position of being the least optimistic in a room. Amy Lawrence is on the phone and she has no sense of how the game will go. She also talks about Arsenal’s very Arsenal summer.

More, you got more – Dave Downie talking about Everton versus Spurs and Steve Goldsmith talking about Sunderland. Plus in the first of a regular new feature discussing away grounds John Gibbons is joined by friends Ben McCausland, Kevin Walsh and Mick Clarke to discuss The Emirates, and what fun you can get up to before a Sunday away in London.

Liverpool, all its ways, all its means. All within.