What We Call History is a look, in three or four parts, at a season from Liverpool Football Club’s past. Under the aegis of football folk historian Mike Nevin we remember why Liverpool managers, players or crowds did the things they did, how it felt to be at games in certain seasons and what was going on around the football club, the sport as a whole or even British society which influenced how we saw The Reds in any given era, What We Call History tells us about how our great club has ended up where it has.

The world was a very different place. Liverpool was being discussed in the terms of managed decline in cabinet, the polices of monetarism were hitting the country hard and Liverpool were European Champions.

And yet…Liverpool were a team in transition, possibly even decline. Bob Paisley’s men had won the European Cup in 1981 but had only finished fifth in 80/81. They were short of goals, pace, purpose and energy. Paisley had some huge decisions to make.

Rob Gutmann and Mike Nevin join Neil Atkinson to discuss the season – it isn’t the usual game by game analysis of these history shows. Instead there is talk of albums as a device for memory, who was were when and how, what did it feel like 35 years ago. It’s about the context.

The past is a different country – we have three fantastic guides.

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