HERE is our third Transfer Committee game of the summer. Remember it is only a game! Just interesting to see where people go. For part three, John Gibbons is joined by Paul Senior, Paul Cope and Ben Johnson.

Credit as ever to John Furlong and Stephen Davies.

Rules are as follows:

33m to spend plus anything you get in (this allows for seepage in terms of agent fees and so on). However you also need to balance the wage bill.

You can make a case for one player beyond that if you see fit to do so. It has to be a very strong case.

It needs to be a plausible amount of work we can achieve in a summer. It has to feel like we can achieve all of this with our resource of time. Added to this, the manager wants to have his player in for pre-season. Unless it is an extreme circumstance, we are not at home to signing a player after the 20th July. Therefore we have to be able to get these deals done. Bear that in mind. How much effort would, for instance, Gotze, now be?

You may also have noticed this manager does not like loans, gents. If you want to loan a player out and get his wages off the wage bill, he will want a very good reason as to why.

The wage a player receives has been broken into five categories with the current breakdown of where Liverpool’s resources are placed on there.

*If you cannot see that tables embedded below, please click on the hyperlinks to display the image.

Table 1

To this you can add the equivalent of one super high, one more high and one more medium.

You may feel that one or two of Liverpool’s current crop are being under-paid and you might want to tie them down with boosts using this money this summer.

Any players sold their wage comes into the shake-up for new players coming with the exception of those who have been on loan. Any of those you keep, you actually have to add their wages to your budget. Any you decide to loan and risk the manager’s wrath, you get their wages.

The conversation rate is as follows:

2 Highs = 1 Super High
2 Mediums = 1 High
2 Lows = 1 Medium
2 Junior = 1 Low

That clear? Probably not but let’s go…

The Current Squad


LFC Table 1×300.png


LFC Table 2×300.png


LFC Table 3×300.png

The Possible Signings (All players Liverpool have been linked with)


Transfer Table 1×300.png


Transfer Table 2×236.png


Transfer Table 3×300.png

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