OUR Liverpool Ladies show has a whole series of games to go through. And a whole series of goals. Liverpool have become the division’s entertainers. In three of the games we discuss there at 18 goals. In the fourth Liverpool hold league leaders Manchester City to a tight 0-0.

Heather Carroll talks Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons through all these goals, as Scott Rogers’s team settles into midtable, earlier than many expected in this stage of their development.

It’s a new team and a young one – can they be smarter and get to know each other better? Heather lets us know who has impressed and there is a lovely run of Saturday evening home games to look forward to in July.

This is The Anfield Wrap’s look at the Ladies game. We hope you like it.

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Listen to a free clip from this latest ‘The Ladies Show’ show below:

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