The Central League – TAW Player’s show all about who is moving and shaking for Liverpool’s under 18s and under 21s. It’s your glimpse into what we hope is Liverpool’s future.

Joining John Gibbons for a look back at the Central League season and a round up of the Liverpool under-21’s and under-18’s sides respectively are Rob Gutmann and Glenn Price to talk about –

Who they think can step up and make the grade to the first team squad?

Which players might be coming to the end of their Liverpool careers?

The format of the Under-21 League and how it can be improved.

Who from the under-18’s has stood out and who to keep an eye out for.

All this and more on the TAW Player Central League: Season Review show.

Central League is one of a package of 30-plus new shows about Liverpool FC released to TAW Player subscribers every month.

You can listen to a free clip of today’s show here:

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