BACK by popular demand! It’s episode 2 of Wildcards. The show where YOU pick the topics and we get stuck in.

This week host Neil Atkinson is joined by Gareth Roberts, Rob Gutmann, Mike Nevin and Dion Fanning and the subjects, chosen by you, are thus:

LFC: How good is this LFC squad? What is it’s natural level? Has Jurgen Klopp managed to get more out of them, on the whole, than Brendan Rodgers? And if so was Rodgers underachieving or is Klopp just able to get a squad performing more than the sum of it’s parts?

Non LFC: Pick England’s 23 to go to France. Dion in particular was made up with this one. Who should go? Who should stay? Can we manage to pick a whole squad without any Everton players? Can we really take a Liverpool Echo journalist as 3rd choice keeper? Is one of the defenders even qualified?

LFC History: Gerrard or Barnes at his best. This one gets the debate going as different generations and different perspectives clash. They were both great, but who wins out in the room?

Random nonsense: Best cooked breakfast. What should be in and what should be nowhere near the plate? The lads also give their tips on where to get a good one in Liverpool

All the bases covered I think you’ll agree!

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