Well Watched, well watched. Three films for Anna Walsh, Gerry Donaldson and Steve Graves to get their teeth stuck into. Three quite different propositions and three quite different eras.

Firstly there is Once In A Lifetime – The Story Of The New York Cosmos. It is a gossipy affair, full of tackiness froth, but a whole host of fun. Everything from Pele to Shep Messing’s lad gets a run out in this one.

Secondly there is the German film The Miracle Of Bern, released in 2003 but about West Germany’s 1954 World Cup win and what it meant for the newly constructed nation in the post war era. There is a bit of playing fast and loose with the truth but it is essentially two films in one, never entirely reconciled.

Lastly, Gerry, Anna and Steve have their say on The Arsenal Stadium Mystery from 1939, hats and all. It is one of the first murder mysteries to be filmed and includes the Arsenal playing squad of the period.

All worth keeping an eye. Well watched. Hopefully well enough.

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