NEIL ATKINSON hosts as Sean Rogers, Paul Senior and Ian Salmon go through the season’s tactical shifts – firstly the biggest of all – from Rodgers to Klopp. But beyond that what has Klopp done? What has he discovered? Are the questions clean cut? Can the answers be certain.

All season Tuesday Review we have looked to get to the bottom of why players and managers have made the decisions they have made. Klopp is now at a little bit of a crossroads.

All this and more on Tuesday Review.

In a free clip from the show – Sean, Neil, Ian and Paul talk about the lack of an experienced powerhouse in the midfield impacting on performances.

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The Tuesday Review is a considered in-depth discussion of Liverpool’s last match introducing talk around tactics and selection. It’s just one of a string of shows on TAW Player, our subscription podcast service that offers more than 30 shows about Liverpool FC every month. Find out more here.